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Clone your website to a staging area, migrate to a new host, or clone to an existing site. We do all the gritty work for you, just point us in the right direction.

Cloning a website allows you to in just seconds have a an identical copy of your website. Almost instantaneously clone your website to a staging area for testing, or to a new host, or even clone to an existing site. Restore and clone your backup. It’s a great tool that saves you time when creating new sites, or fixing old ones.

Clone feature is included with Pro and Performance plans. 

The Details

Clone to Different Destinations

Select different types of destinations to clone to.

Full URL Rewrite

When cloning a site all of your URL’s will be rewritten on your destination site.

Easy Clone to Sites on sMs

We can clone to a Clean WordPress site without the hassle of putting in your FTP credentials.

Staging Area Always Up-to-Date

We set up and keep your staging area up-to-date.

Easy Deployment and Restore

Move WordPress websites to another host or restore a website from a backup archive.

Smart Clone

The source and destination files are compared. If they are the same, it skips them, and clones only the different files and the database.

Reliable Clone

If the PHP process on the destination site is terminated before the files have been uploaded, the Clone tool falls back to FTP file transfer to complete the task.

Search engine (In)visibility

The option to discourage search engines from indexing the cloned website, in order to avoid the duplicate content penalty.

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